Getting Iran Visa may seem as a time-consuming and complicated process with high risk of your visa being rejected. While it is true to some extent, but some of it is just stereotype. Reading this article, you can get a clear idea about the requirements, the ways and the steps you should take to get Iran tourist visa. Currently, most nationalities require a visa to travel to Iran. Apart from Israelis, nationals of all countries can get an Iranian visa. Nationals from USA, England and Canada cannot independently visit Iran; they need to be accompanied with tour guide throughout their trip. Based on the purpose of travel, Iran issues different kinds of visas. With regard to leisure travel, two types of visas are issued:

Tourist visa
Airport visa (on arrival)

Tourist Visa

This type of visa is issued for the people who want to have a leisure travel to Iran and it should be applied for before coming to Iran. Validity period of this visa is 30 days, and it should be requested by the traveler and approved by IMF (Iran Foreign Ministry). This type of visa can be extended for up to 90 days from the issue date.

Airport Visa

The people who are going to have a leisure travel to Iran can also get their visas at the airport. However, validity period of this type of visa is only 30 days. This type of visa is extendable to 15 more days. You can obtain your visa from the airports of Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Imam Khomeini, and Kermanshah. Note that we do not recommend you to attempt for getting airport visa, because it is possible that you may not be able to get your visa for different reasons. This type of visa is only issued for tourists and does not include journalists and military personnel (during their missions), those whose entry visas have already been denied, and the Iranians who have Iran passport besides the passports of other countries. The airport visa cannot be given to the nationals of United States of America, England, Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, and Nigeria.

How to get Iran Visa?

You can apply for Iranian visa in two ways: In first way, you will apply for the visa by yourself, and in second way, you will let a travel agent in Iran get your visa application process done. Of course, any Iranians can act as your host in Iran. But, first you have to find one.

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