Top Things to do in Shiraz


You probably read everywhere that Shiraz is a city of Poetry, Gardens and Love. Well that’s cliche, but We’ll show you that it’s not groundless. This city earned its reputation from those who are nowadays among the most famous Persian poets, Hafez and Sadi, and still vibrates to their rhythm.

Points of Interest

The Eram Garden in Shiraz

The mausoleum of Hafez in Shiraz

As it constitutes the essence of the city, We would recommend you to begin your stay by visiting the tombs of these famous poets, the Hafezieh and the Sadieh.

Pasargadae was the first dynastic capital of the Achaemenid Empire, homeland of the Persians, in the 6th BC.
Its palaces, gardens and the mausoleum of Cyrus are outstanding examples of the first phase of royal Achaemenid art and architecture and exceptional testimonies of Persian civilization

A traditional shop in the Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz

The traditional faloodeh ice cream of Shiraz

There are many special foods to Shiraz, but the faloodeh is certainly the most emblematic