Top Things to do in mashhad


The second most populated city of Iran attract mainly pilgrims from all around the world and is often neglected by regular tourists. It's true that the city is far and doesn't seem as attractive as Isfahan or Shiraz, but it has way more to offer than what people expect. In this article I’ll try to show you that you should definitely make the trip and allow some days to this part of Iran.

Points of Interest

The Imam Reza's Shrine in the city of Mashhad

The Tomb of Nader Shah

The tomb of Ferdowsi in Tous

If not the most, one of the most important figures of the Iranian culture. If you go to Mashhad, you have to visit the tomb of Ferdowsi. The writer of the Book of the Kings became a symbol of Iran. Get a cab and head to Tous, located only a few miles away north to the city of Mashhad.


Discover the city that paid a heavy tribute for killing the husband of Genghis Khan’s daughter. Visit the tombs of Omar Khayyam, Kamak Almok and Attar. Don’t miss the caravanserai and the fantastic turquoise mines that supplied the world with this unique rock for centuries.

The Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam is the tomb of Omar Khayyám located in Nishapur where Omar Khayyám was born and buried and where his mausoleum today remains a masterpiece of Iranian architecture visited by many people every year. It was completed in 1963.

The tomb of Attar in Neyshabur